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Watters are one of the leading bridalwear designers in the US and their collection of innovative designs, classic cuts and beautiful fabrics make them a treasured name in the bridal industry. Vantona Watters continues to be at the heart of the company and is passionately involved in setting the design tone.

Prices range from £1450 - £2000


Capturing Watters style and quality with an exciting use of fabrics, WTOO is a range that also has a friendly price point! If you are looking for a gown to make you feel special and look amazing on your special day, but hope to find a dress that doesn't break the bank, why not consider WTOO.

Prices range from £550 - £1200

Watters & WTOO Collection
Watters - Amile Watters - Austin Watters - Davenport
Watters - Gloria WTOO WTOO - Pandora
WTOO - Aveline WTOO - Delphine WTOO - Eclipse
WTOO - Hera WTOO - Jasmine WTOO - Leighton


Watters - Amile